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Holidays to Kas - Turkey

Kas in Turkey

The town of Kas was built around the remains of ancient Antiphellos and is surrounded by lofty, rocky cliffs. Over the years, it has developed from a little port to a main tourist attraction and became the region’s main resort. The city has a rocky coastline providing unrestricted access to the Mediterranean’s gleaming waters. Kas offers a lot of contradicting aspects like mountain and sea, ancient ruins and modern buildings.

According to history, Kas was actually a small port situated at Lycia’s southern tip. During the ancient times, Kas was called Habesos and later in the years, it was renamed as Antiphellos. It was a small port town which was once an unspoiled fishing village and boasts of among the Lycia oldest settlements.

The little town of Kas boasts several ancient treasures because of its historical setting. Located in the Kas centre is Lycian Sarcophagus. On the west of Kas is where the Hellenistic period well-preserved theater situated. With its amazing 4th century BC sculpted carvings; the monumental tomb of the lion is an amazing ancient touch in the city. Also found in and around the town, there are many Lycian rock tombs.

Kas is a place where you can experience all at once; the amazing wonders of forest, sea, history and art. It is a place where you will be able to satisfy your desire just by discovering several unspoiled areas. The town is filled with a bunch of houses all around the main street and teahouses where tourists and fishermen go chill out while exchanging stories.

There are many historical places such as Xanthos, Letoon, Patara, Tlos, Arycanda, Pinara, Theimussa, Myra, The Church of St Nicholas within a short drive and you can also enjoy a cruise of the Sunken City at Simena.

Kas is also a perfect place for outdoor activities such as sea kayaking, scuba-diving, hiking, mountain biking. You can visit the ancient ruins and remote villages while climbing up to catch a glimpse of perfect sceneries high above these mountains.

Kas & Diving
Since 20 years for now, Kas is a paradies for divers. During the last years, more and more restricted areas were opened open for diving - by result, Kas offers more than 25 different dive spots like shipwrecks, caves, reefs, underwater canyons, turtle places and many more. Our dive-center is taking care of all your needs.

Due to the protecting small islands nearby, the lack of industry & industrial fishing and high amounts of nutrients, water quality and the amount of marine life is over-average. Divers from allover the world are visiting Kas regulary to enjoy together the clear water ( 40m / 130 feet visibilities underwater ) and discover the great diving places , while feeling happy in a up to 28 degrees warm water.

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( from London )

Kas is situated on the Mediterranean coast approx 3 hours drive from either Dalaman or Antalya airports.

Kas itself is a delightful relaxed resort. It is a small village with the local harbour being the focal point. During the day it is quiet and very relaxed. There are a couple of very small shingle beaches and several hotels have man made rock beaches. The nearest beach is a 20 minute dolmus ride away.

At night the resort comes alive with numerous excellent restaurants and lively bars that are open well into the night. It is a very stylish resort with an upmarket feel to it. Restaurants are too numerous to name a favourite. I tried a different restaurant each night and never once had a bad meal.

There are numerous trips and excursions. There are boat trips of various durations and many land excursions. I used ‘kas Travel ’ travel agency located in the city, close to the "yapi kredi" bank. They are very helpful and have details of all trips available.

Shopping is a delight. The small back streets are lined with upmarket shops, many selling hand made local gifts and trinkets. I am told that gold and silver are excellent buys. Not having great knowledge on gold and silver prices I cannot vouch for this. There are the usual carpet shops and several shops selling local paintings and art work. The main attraction here is that you can wander around the various shops without being pestered all the time, unlike some Turkish resorts. Just the occasional ‘can I help you’ and offer of tea. .

The only disadvantages are the long resort transfer – 3 hours, and the lack of sandy beaches. The upside is that it deters mass package holiday tourists and some of the worst aspects of mass tourism. There are no Karaoke bars, Bungee jumping and restaurants advertising ‘all day English breakfast’. To me it is a delightful relaxed resort. This is stylish Turkey at its best. I would recommend to anyone wanting an alternative to the large brash Turkish resorts that are being swamped by development and mass tourism.

Having witnessed how once idyllic resorts, such as Bodrum and Marmaris have been spoilt over the years. I hope that Kas will remain as it is for a while longer. Visit now and enjoy.

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( from UK )

The holiday was great - explored many facinating sites of historical interest and met a number of lovely people who resided over there. Other than the rain the only complaint I have is that the time went so quickley; surely a sign of having a brilliant time. Anyway must sign off now. Before I do let me extend to you all at 'KAS TRAVEL' an invitation that if ever anyone is in the UK they must contact me so I can repay the kindnesses shown to my wife and my self..


I went to Kas not knowing what to expect and with no diving experience. After two weeks of glorious weather, lots of laughs, swimming, snorkeling, good food and three try dives, I now know that I want more. Thanks to Rico and Seda for being brilliant hosts. I will be back ...

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We couldn't quite believe how lovely Kas was when we arrived. The shops are amazing, water clear and blue, and the diving fantastic! Not to mention the locals - they were so friendly and welcoming. Kas travel looked after us so well, we truly couldn't have asked for anymore from our holiday. Nothing was a problem, and we can't wait to arrange our next holiday with them. We would thoroughly recommend anyone to go to kas through Kas travel. A unique, relaxed and personalised holiday in fabulous surroundings- what more could you ask for!!


I have nothing but brilliant memories of my trip to Kas last summer. The place was idyllic, with flowers and fruit trees in full bloom and crystal blue waters to dive in. The diving instructors were patient, reassuring and a lot of fun. Highlights were the underwater beds of giant clams, spotting the elusive turtle and jasmine-scented evenings. Perfect!

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How to reach Kas in Turkey:

Kas is located at the so called Lycian Coast in the south of Turkey ( Turkish Rivera ).

The next airports are Dalaman & Antalya. From the airport Antalya it's 200 km to Kas. ( 2,5 - 3 hours by car). The airport of Dalaman is a bit closer ( 140 Km. / 2 - 2,5 by car ),

All airlines are offering regulary flights to Turkey and we can assist you with flight ticket bookings.

To go from the airport Dalaman or Antalya to Kas & and back ), we offer a private airport transfer.

Our Airport-Transfer Service picks you up ( at every time of the day ) at the airport Antalya or Dalaman and brings you safe & comfortable to Kas & back at your day of departure.

You don't have to share the transfer-car or bus with somebody else - We send you an private driver, who is only responsible for your safe travel.

We provide transfers for groups more than 6 persons as well as to different destinations such as Kalkan, Fethiye, goecek, Kekova and many others.


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Things to do in Kas/Turkey

Scuba Diving

Kas is the best place to dive in all Turkey. Apply for a dive course at our dive center or join our daily divetrips, if you are already a certified diver. — more

A day at Kaputas Beach

There is a small but beautiful sandy beach about 10 km. to Kas. It is a "must" if you are in Kas. If you are lucky enough you may swim with the sea turtles:) The water has an amazing turquoise color. Kaputas Beach is in the middle of Kalkan and Kas.

Sundown at the amphi theatro

On the far side of the harbour on the edge of Kas is an amphitheatre set in an olive grove. Climbing to the top you will have lovely views over the sea and across to the Greek island of Meis or Megistri. Exploring other areas in the olive grove you will come across typical lycian sarcophagi. A perfect place to watch the sun going down !!

Private Boat Trip

Visit the sunken city of Kekova or just explore the beautifull coast by private boat. Moonlight dinners on the boat are offered as well. As an alternate, the "Blue Cave" nearby the Kaputas Beach is also an great destination for a day on the boat. — more

Visit the basar ( market )

Friday is market day in Kas . The market is situated at the top end of the town, adjacent to the bus station. Bargains can be found with clothing and leather goods in particular - or just browse and enjoy the local colour of the spices and teas and market traders.

Explore the history

At the top of the main old street is the Monument Tomb or King's Tomb. It dates from the 4th century B.C. and is carved from a single block. It has eight lines of script in the Lycian language and the lid of the sarcophagus contains 4 lion heads (two on each side).

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Kas is one of the best paragliding center of the area. The view is breath taking from the sky. The launch from the hill behind Kas with the Altitute of about 1000mt. You can make it as a passenger with a tandem flight. — more

A day at Patara Beach

It is 18 km. long beautiful white sand beach about 30 min. away from Kas by minibus. (27 km. Kas). There is about 10 busses every day hourly to Patara beach. If you go to Kas, never skip to see beautiful Patara Beach.

Hiking in Sakklikent

Saklikent, which literally means "hidden city", is an amazing canyon about 60 km from Kas. You can go there by hourly minibuses. It is a great destination for rafting and canoeing. You can walk through the canyon or do some rock climbing in Saklikent. — more

Church of Sankt Nicolas ( Santa Claus ) in Demre

St.Nicholas' church in Demre,born just up the road in Patara he died here around 350 A.D. Earthquakes have damaged much of the original church but some goodies are left.

Visit Myra

Lycian tombs and a great Amphitheatre. About an hour down the road from Kas.Lots of greenhouses give it away that your nearing it.

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Visit Xanthos

Great photographic site.Capitol of the Lycian Federation and its' largest city. Finds dating back to the 8th century B.C. Harpy tomb,Pillar tomb,Obelisk,amphitheatre,triumphal arch,Byzantine church with mosaic floors and a fortress on top of the acropolis.

Special Beaches of Kas

No beach as such in town so get a small ferry from the centre of the harbour to Nuri's beach club, Liman agazi, Don Quixote, Onur or Bilal. Cost is 10 Ytl for the return trip, boats go when you want.

A short trip to Greece

Day trip to the Greek island of Kastellorizo or Meis in Turkish. Cost is 20 Euros for the return trip. A few places sell the tickets around town. Leaves at 10.00 for Meis returns at 15.30 takes 20 minutes. You need a passport and visas if necessary.

Kayaking in Kekova

Imagine whole spending in the sparkling blue sea under the heat, hours and hours...full of history , plus sunken city and sportive activity..Such a challanging combination.

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Explore the streets of Kas

Kas has very nice authentic streets, its quiet nice walking there.. Though its a small town, the small rock roads, with nice old Turkish houses and all those flowers around, makes a real charming town..

Spend an evening at the "mavi bar"

Mavi Bar is no doubt the the best bar in Kas with the best music. Being there is a Kas Clasical:).. It is located just nearby the harbour.


the streets of Kas are also hosting some souvenir shops with local crafts.. You can find elegant carpets, Ceramics and Pottery as well.. Just walk on the side streets on the town center, you will easily spot them..

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