Diving in Turkey - Kas : Our diving center sunDiving offers daily divetours to best places to dive in Turkey, scuba diving courses & lessons for beginners and advanced divers according to PADI & CMAS/BARAKUDA standards. Nitrox & Rebreather diving available. All in an family-like athmosphere : no stress, no crowds, no hectic - only fun & diving ! Travel Agency for Kas Turkey diving holidays sundiving kas
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Turkey Diving Holidays : Diving in Kas

The divesites of Kas belong to the Top 100 diving destinations worldwide. This is because this area have an high amount of underwater life, combined with very clear water (up to 40 meter visibility) and beautiful underwater landscapes. Diving in Kas often remninds you of ancient times: Many very old amphoras and other ancient relicts ( many of them more than 2000 years old ) are waiting for your discovery !

There are around 30 different divesites in Kas , that are all reachable within max 20 minutes starting from the jetty of the divecenter. Diving in Kas/Turkey contains an huge amount of possibilities like wreck-diving, cave-diving, underwater canyons, a lot of stone reefs, swim-throughs & tunnels, nightdiving as well as underwater art exhibitions and many great places for swimming & snorcling. It is a great place for underwater photographers as well.

We do usually 2 divetrips a day . Sometimes, when it is a special, bit far away divesite, full daytrips are done as well. Because the divesites are not far away, the diving boats return to the harbour of Kas after each dive, which makes it easy for you in case, you just want to do one dive a day and don't "waste" all time beeing all day on the boat.

The marine life : Barakuda, Stingrays, Sea-Turtles, rare Sea Slugs & Nudibranches, Dorades, Jackfishes, Soldierfishes, Octopusses, Cuttlefishes ( Sepia ), Stingrays, Muray-Eels, Trumpetfishes, many kinds of Brasses as well as huge Groupers of several kinds and many more amazing underwater lifeforms are to see regulary in this area.

Our diving center in Kas (sunDiving) is conform to highest safety standards and offer all needed periphery, combined with excellent and individual services, that make an unforgetable adventure out of your scubadiving vacation in Kas/Turkey. Hint: Check our online-guestbook for some customer's reviews.

Diving courses of all kinds & levels you can do in Kas as well. If you want learn to dive : This is the right place for you ! Having the choice between CMAS, PADI, BARAKUDA is standard and the quality of courses is high. From the very first step ( Trial Dive ) up to the final scubadiving instructor exam, we offer the complete range of diving education possibilities. That includes of course as well speciality courses such as NITROX ( enriched air diving ), deep-diving, underwater-navigation, search & rescue, underwater photography, wreck-diving, cave-diving, night-diving and many more.

The common procedure is, to do an reservation for a diving package ( or diving course ) at first.

Pre-booked diving packages are of course extensible on site and our divecenter is flexible about, how you use your booked diving package, which means : You don't have to do all dives within your booked package in one step. It is your holiday and we want you to have a good time :-)

Please note : To come for scuba diving to Kas ( Turkey ) without a reservation in advance is not recommended, because it may happen, that ( especially in summertime ) there will be no free place on the dive-boat for you.

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Our Divecenter in Kas - Sundiving

Our divecenter Sun Diving is located at the campground of Kas ( and bungalow area ) and provides optimal circumstances to all scuba divers and those, who want to learn diving.

We are the only dive center in Kas inside its own facility [ Kas Camping ] : divecenter, private jetty for our dive-boat, private beach, restaurant, café, beach club, accommodation ( bungalows ), Reiki massage and an own "house-reef", where sea-turtles, barakudas, squids, trigger-fishes and even sea-horses are awaiting your visit :-)

The blue sea is just a few steps away :
Enjoy your breakfast in the nice sea-view restaurant after you woke up in your own bungalow and walk just 10 meters more to enter the diveboat or explore the underwater world from shore ? That's only here possible :-)

Our dive-boat "Melissa" departs 2 times a day for diving to the best diving areas of Turkey.

"SunDiving" welcome all divers, regardless of where they stay in Kas - means : you don't have to stay in a bungalow or on the campground to join dive-trips or diving-courses of this divecenter ;-)


Boat Dives :
2 times a day ( 10.00 & 15.00 ) . Each dive is a "1 tank" dive and after each dive, the boat returns back to the divecenter. Our divers are always free to decide, which dive ( morning-dive, afternoon-dive or both ) they want to join. This comes handy when you need to "coordinate" your diving ac tivities with your family ;-)

Equipment :
12 Liter alu-tanks, regulators, BCD's & neopren by AQUALUNG, Suunto & Uwatec divecomputers, Kowalski diving torches

Special Equipment :
2 semi-closed Draeger Rebreather ( Ray ) incl. "Oxy" & Uwatec Air O2 computer available . NITROX diving (32-50% O2 ) possible. Twin tanks, stages and 7,10,12 & 15 l. tanks available.

Dive-Boat :
"Melissa"; 10 m., carries max. 10 divers - space, privacy & relaxed diving is guaranteed ;-)

Time to reach the divespots :
5 bis max. 15 minutes, depending on destination. The "Melissa" is the fastest diving-boat in Kas ( max speed : 23 knots ).

Divespots :
The 25 best divespots of the region are visited regulary. The house-reef offers diving from shore at every time of the day.

Try diving ( discover diving, trial dives ) is offered every day.

Experienced divers service :
Deep dives and cave dives are offered to certified experienced divers.

Night Diving is always possible.

Diving courses :
PADI ( from discover scuba diving up to Divemaster ) & CMAS/BARAKUDA ( from Beginner up to Instructor ). For certified divers we do offer a wide range of PADI specialities and CMAS special courses.


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Diving Courses

Discover Diving / Trial Dives :
For those of you, who wants to give the experience of scuba-diving a try, but don't have an diving-certificate, so called "discover dives" are offered every day. No special experience is needed : after an small introduction you go diving "hand in hand" with an certified instructor and explore the "blue planet" for the very first time of your life :-)

.Learn to dive in Turkey / Beginner Courses :
Nowhere else in Kas you'll find better circumstances to learn diving while you are on holiday ! The diving school offers diving courses from beginner up to professional according to the guidelines of international diving federations ( PADI, CMAS, BARAKUDA ). There are no "classes" or fixed dates to start with a course - it will start, when you are ready.


PADI Open Water Diver ( OWD )

What do I need to start ?
Virtually anyone who is in good health, reasonably fit, and comfortable in the water can earn a PADI Open Water Diver certification. You must be older than the age of 14 to begin the PADI Open Water Diver program. For those of you who are not above the age of 14 and would like to participate in the PADI Open Water Diver Program, then the PADI Jr Open Water Diver program is available to you.

If you are between 10 and 14 or have a child between these ages, there is a PADI Junior Open Water Diver program available. A PADI Juniorr Open Water Diver between the ages of 10 and 11 years may only dive with a PADI Professional, a certified parent or certified guardian to a maximum depth of 12 metres/40 feet.

What will I do ?
Throughout the course, you’ll learn fundamentals of scuba diving, including dive equipment and techniques. You earn this rating by completing five pool dives and knowledge development sessions and by making four open water (ocean or lake) dives.

How long will it take ?
PADI programs are performance based. You proceed as you demonstrate mastery of the course skills. This allows you to work at a pace that is comfortable for you. Usually a course takes 4-5 days.

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CMAS* / BARAKUDA Open Water Diver

Inside this diving course you will learn everything needed to join guided diving tours. The finally given diving certificate by the world diving federation CMAS proofs knowledge & abilities for safe scuba-diving with fun.

Step by step & without stress you will learn about the scuba-diving equipment as well as about diving theory & safe diving procedures.

Underwater, everything starts slow & easy in the beginning. All basic skills we teach in a very shallow water area ( 90 cm. to 2 meters ). Only once you feel comfortale with yourself underwater and know about the basic skills, we continue with the so called open water dives. All over 5 of this open water dives you need to finish this course sucessfull.

All together, this diving course contains 7-10 dives. A important difference to other diving certificates is, that even in this beginner course diving rescue techniques are teached as well as freediving skills. CMAS courses are known as "a bit harder", but also better results ( and happier students ).

Also the diving theory goes a few steps "deeper" . That all finally maintain, that you are able to practice diving without fear and without risk...and enjoy the underwater world the same time !

We have a lot of time, it´s your holiday ! We do our diving courses in very small classes only ( max. 4 students, but also only 1 or 2 students are no problem for us ) and we take all time that is needed to make you a good diver.

What is needed to start this course:
* minimum age of 14
* health attest that proofs "fitness for scuba diving"

How long does it takes :
* 6-7 days , iin daytime you will be busy with diving, evenings are free

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Advanced diving course programs

For already certified divers, who would like to learn something new, many speciality courses as well as advanced certifications are offered :


  • Advanced Open Water Diver ( AOWD )
  • Rescue Diver
  • Divemaster

    Speciality courses :

  • Bouoyncy Peak performance
  • Deep Diving
  • Search & Rescue
  • Underwater Navigation
  • Wreck Diving
  • Night Diving

    ..and many more ( just ask )


  • BARAKUDA AOWD ( Navigation & Group Leading )
  • BARAKUDA Master Diver / CMAS**
  • BARAKUDA Diver Leader / CMAS***
  • CMAS / BARAKUDA Assistant Instructor
  • CMAS M1 / BARAKUDA Open Water Instructor
  • CMAS M2 / BARAKUDA Master Instructor

    Special courses :

  • CMAS - Underwater Navigation
  • CMAS - Safety & Rescue
  • CMAS Night Diving
  • CMAS Underwater Photography
  • CMAS Deep Diving
  • CMAS Medic First Aid
  • CMAS/BARAKUDA Instructor Development

    ...and many more ( just ask )

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Diving courses are given in english, turkish & german language.

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How to reservate :

Please use the reservation / inquiry form on this page ( click the reservation tab on top of this page ). Please note, that sending this form is not a binding reservation. After we received your inquiry, we will check the availability & reply to you by mail ( please ensure, that you have typed a correct E-Mail adress in your inquiry ) and will provide you with the possibility to do your reservation, then.

If you are not sure, what you want, please use our general contact form instead of sending us 10 different inquiries. We would be happy to consult you and help you making a decision regarding your planned diving holiday in Kas/Turkey :-)

In addition to your diving reservation, you can book as well airport transfers, accommodation in Kas, tours, excursions & rental cars, using the same inquiry form.

Please do not ask us for our "best price" as we have listed our best prices already here.

Please note, that we are unable to do flight reservations for you. To UK customers we recommend the website www.justtheflight.co.uk/ for to find flights to Dalaman or Antalya.

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